Alumni Focus

For the AY 2021-2022, several new actions are being taken to get a better focus on Alumni students of GHPS. A very experienced and enthusiastic Academic Director (Ms. Shyamala Mani) has come on board to take charge of Alumni initiatives


Career Counselling Session:

A key event conducted for the Alumni students (PUC and Degree college) in December, was a career counselling session by Rtn Ganesh. He is a very experienced mentor and was able to instantly connect with the students , explaining the various options available to the students once they finish their respective academic years. The interactive session brought out various ambitions of the students in what they wanted to pursue as higher studies.


Coaching Classes Evaluation and Spot Awards:

To track the progress and understand the coaching needs of Alumni students, periodic tests are being done to evaluate and provide continuous improvement feedback to both the students and teaching staff.  Students who did exceptionally well in these tests were given spontaneous awards for further motivation.



Alumni Coaching Classes:

  • To ensure students get the educational support where required, we have initiated after-school tuitions for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology , being taught by very experienced teachers (who have 15+ years of experience teaching in private schools). We hope this will make a significant impact for the students to learn and clear their doubts. Focus is currently on Physics/Chem/Bio for 8th standard and  Maths for 9th standard
  • An additional experienced teacher has been identified to teach Economics/Business Studies for commerce group students
  • A few past Alumni students of GHPS (who have gone through to college and beyond) have also been tapped for peer-peer knowledge transfer. The enthusiasm shown by these students (Sangamesh, Pawan, Supriya, Sudeep) to give back to their original school,  has been quite overwhelming
  • An additional alumni admin aide has been hired to support the Alumni Director in ensuring that the students progress are keenly tracked

Video of ex-GHPS student (Pawan) welcoming the idea of teaching to his junior students