Alumni Focus

For the AY 2021-2022, several new actions are being taken to get a better focus on Alumni students of GHPS.

  • A very experienced and enthusiastic Academic Director (Shyamala Mani) has come on board to take charge of Alumni initiatives
  • To ensure students get the educational support where required, we have initiated after-school tuitions for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology , being taught by very experienced teachers (who have 15+ years of experience teaching in private schools). We hope this will make a significant impact for the students to learn and clear their doubts. Focus is currently on Physics/Chem/Bio for 8th standard and  Maths for 9th standard
  • An additional experienced teacher has been identified to teach Economics/Business Studies for commerce group students
  • A few past Alumni students of GHPS (who have gone through to college and beyond) have also been tapped for peer-peer knowledge transfer. The enthusiasm shown by these students (Sangamesh, Pawan, Supriya, Sudeep) to give back to their original school,  has been quite overwhelming
  • An additional alumni admin aide has been hired to support the Alumni Director in ensuring that the students progress are keenly tracked

Video of ex-GHPS student (Pawan) welcoming the idea of teaching to his junior students