General Activities

Science Kit Donation by Rotary – Junction – Thanks to a donation from Rotary Junction, GHPS was provided with a Science Kit, Google Earth, Cognitive Speaking and Psychometric tests content. Apart from being able to project the lessons via projector they will also provide a 50 inch TV with pre-loaded content.


Grills Installation – Through a joint effort with Rotary Junction and TCF donors, we coordinated with a civil contractor in installing safety grills on the second , third floors and staircase railings. This will ensure providing adequate safety of students moving around in higher floors of the school.


Alumni Meet – A mini alumni meet of GHPS students currently studying in 8,9,10th standards in high schools , was organized . This was done to provide information to them on how TCF will continue to assist them in pursuing higher learning as well as to ensure that they continue to stay in school.


School Garden Maintenance – Students of GHPS take great pride in managing the plush greenery within the school campus. Here they are seen enthusiastically watering the plants within the campus.


Laptop Usage – The pandemic may have stopped many things. But the one thing it hasn’t is our students love of learning. Over the course of the past year, thanks to the generosity of our patrons, TCF has provided laptops, tablets and mobile devices with internet connectivity to ensure continuity of learning and teaching. We are so happy to see the eagerness with which our students and alumni have taken to online learning as a temporary alternative to enrich their educational experiences.

While we can’t wait to see them all back in person and have our alumni go back to in-person classes, until then, TCF stands by our children in their never ending quest for more learning.

They won’t stop learning, we won’t stop facilitating their learning.

TCF wishes to specially thank all our patrons who’ve helped enable our online journey.