General Activities

July 2024 

NEB NICE Run – Alumni students of GHPS participated in a 10K marathon run at the Bangalore NICE road.


Stationery Distribution – Through a generous CSR donation from a corporate patron, full set of year’s stationery requirement for GHPS was procured and distributed. The stationery included maths notebook, long and short sized ruled notebooks, water bottle. Representatives from the corporate visited the campus to personally distribute these stationery items to students of GHPS.


June 2024 

Ananda Yana Run – About 30 alumni students of GHPS participated in a 5K running event organized by ‘Runners High’ to raise funds for supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is the Third year that students of GHPS are participating in this social cause event. TCF coordinated this activity with alumni students so that they can build social networking skills apart from academics.


Alumni Felicitation – For the AY 23-24, we had excellent academic results from Alumni students of all classes – 8,9,10, PUC-1, PUC-2 and graduating class of college. The extra coaching classes by very experienced teachers  that TCF has been conducting during the weekends , has played a significant part in boosting the knowledge level and confidence of the alumni students of each class. TCF congratulates all students for their performance and will encourage them to continue their studies as they move through to higher classes.  A celebratory event was organized at the GHPS campus, where all the alumni students were invited to socialize and feel proud of their past year academic achievement.


May 2024 

School Re-Opening – All schools re-opened for the new academic year AY 24-25 on 31st May’24. The first 15 days of the academic year will be spent as Bridge learning via activities (no text book teaching).

GHPS bore a complete transformational look,  as during the summer break,  several critical infrastructure changes was undertaken and completed. Some of them include: Laying of Floor tiles in open space area, Creation of an overhead Truss for shade and rain protection, Full inside and outside painting of school classrooms, maintenance repair of restrooms, addition of ‘green’ writing boards, new school name board,  laying of floor tiles in foyer area, painting of all stands , garden upgrades etc.. We hope with all these changes, students will be presented with the right environment for learning to happen.