General Activities

May 2022 

Farewell Event – Prior HM of GHPS (Mr. Gangajanappa) was promoted and transferred as HM to another neighbourhood school. The Asst HM of GHPS (Mr. G Venkatswamy) retired after serving 20+ years in the education department. A joint (TCF/Govt) farewell event was organized for the benefit of these two gentlemen. The event was attended by neighbourhood school principals, Govt education dept officials, SDMC members and TCF. We acknowledged the immense support received from the outgoing HM / Asst HM and presented a small momento on our behalf. TCF’s contribution to the growth of GHPS school was also acknowledged and Srini was honored during this event.


Puppet Show – As part of learning through activities, TCF organized a puppet show for the students of class 1-4. Students were taught some moral concepts through this activity as well as raising their curiosity in art/puppetry.


School Re-Opening – All schools re-opened for the new academic year AY 22-23 on 16th May’22. A new HM took charge at the GHPS school. The first 15 days of the academic year will be spent on learning via activities (no text book teaching). Some pics/video from the first day of school are captured below.

  • See below video of new HM (Mr. Maheshwar ) addressing the students on 1st day of school