Pratibha Karanji

In continuation with TCF’s efforts for all round development of students at GHPS (Gubbalala Higher Primary School), there was wide participation by the students of different classes in the annual inter-school competition – Pratibha Karanji event of 2023.
We are quite happy to announce that several students have won prizes for various events. Some of them will now move to next level of representing the school at block level and beyond.
The winners at the inter-school level are :
  • Kailash – Class 4 – 1st place, Clay modelling
  • Nehakumari – Class 7 – 1st place , Clay modelling
  • Baby – Class 6 – 1st place, Laghu sangeetha
  • Sona – Class 3 – 2nd place, Dharmika patana urdu
  • Shivakumar – Class 7 – 2nd place, Fancy dress
  • Anushree – Class 3 – 3rd place , Fancy dress
  • Riya – Class 2 – 3rd place – Poem recitation
  • Bhagapathi – Class 7 – 3rd place – Poem recitation hindi
  • Sania – Class 7 – 3rd place – Dharmika patana arabic
Our special thanks to all the TCF and Govt teachers who helped these kids prepare for these competitions.  This would not have been possible without their joint team effort.
On behalf of all you, TCF will present awards to the kids to recognize their achievements and encourage further exploration of the arts.