Alumni Annual Meet

An Alumni Meet event was conducted in the GHPS campus on Feb 27’22. The objective of this meet was to bring together all the past and current Alumni of GHPS to socially interact with each other, continue to instill in them the need to pursue higher education, reward students in various categories and to be an event for general information sharing.

About 60 students attended this event. The event was steered by Haricharan, a trainer by profession. The chief guest of the event was Col Ishwar Doddamani, who encouraged the students to continue pursuing their dreams for higher education and promised support from all his contacts to help them achieve their objectives.  Teachers from GHPS as well as alumni tuition staff attended the event.  Several students were recognized with cash awards for their academic performance, impeccable attendance, socially responsible behavior etc. A team activity was also organized to gather the aspirations of students, which was presented by each team to the rest of group. This activity was also to encourage the students to aim high and get them used to speaking in public forums.  Photography for the event was covered by Rabinandan, a long time well-wisher of TCF.

The event concluded with some snacks, distribution of rechargeable emergency bulb to each student (courtesy another well wisher of TCF) and an impromptu dance show by one of the students. Overall it was a well coordinated and attended annual event, which TCF will strive to conduct every year.