General Activities

November 2023 

Diwali Day – “Festival of Lights” was celebrated at the school. A grand Rangoli was drawn jointly by teachers and students. Symbolic firecrackers were lit and sweets were distributed to all.


World Public Transport Day – Nov 10th was celebrated as World Public Transport Day.

We at Gubbalala Higher Primary School (GHPS) celebrated this day by inviting and felicitating 2 senior transport police officers from neighborhood Regional Transport Office.

We explained to the kids about how tough their job is to stand on the road in the middle of heavy traffic, pollution and under all weather conditions and yet regulate traffic with a smile.

The officers also explained to the kids various rules to be followed on the roads whilst the kids are walking to school and information on emergency numbers et al. They advised the kids to approach the standing officer in any junction to help them cross the roads.

It was nice of them to tell the kids to attend school regularly and become graduates to respect the sacrifices of their parents.


Rajyotsava Day – Nov 1st is celebrated as Rajyotsava day (Karnataka state formation day). In a cultural program organized jointly with GHPS teachers, students sang patriotic songs, read about history of the state and participated in a dance. Rangoli, March Past and Puja were also performed to celebrate this statehood day.


September 2023 

Planetarium Visit – With the successful completion of Chandrayan mission and renewed interest in astronomy, students of class 6 and 7 were taken for a TCF sponsored visit to the Nehru Planetarium. Students accompanied by teachers took the public transport (metro) to nearest station, walked further to the planetarium, along the way stopping by Vidhan Soudha (Secretariat). Students had great fun playing with various exhibits at the site, getting familiarized with some of the science behind those exhibits and also getting educated on basis of astronomy.


July 2023 

Uniforms, T-shirts, School Bags – Through generous donations from patrons – two sets of stitched uniforms, 2 color T-shirts and one school bag were distributed to all students of GHPS at the start of the academic year. Uniform measurements were diligently taken for each kid, new cloth was procured and stitched by experienced tailors. The uniforms were given to parents of each student and emphasis was made on ensuring that parents send their kids to school only in school uniform.


June 2023 

AnandaYana Run – About 35 alumni students of GHPS participated in a 5K running event organized by ‘Runners High’ to raise funds for supporting children from disadvantaged backgrounds. This is the second year that students of GHPS are participating in this social cause event. TCF coordinated this activity with alumni students so that they can build social networking skills apart from academics.


New Classroom – The student admission count in GHPS has been continuously on the rise and the need to augment infrastructure was increasing. Through a generous contribution by a TCF well wisher family and in collaboration with a NGO – The Bodhi Tree, TCF coordinated the construction of a classroom that was built out of recycled materials. All accessories within the classroom like Green boards, fans/lights, tack boards were also installed. This new classroom will be used for Class 3 students whose total strength has crossed 40 in number.


May 2023 

School Re-Opening – All schools re-opened for the new academic year AY 23-24 on 29th May’23. The first 15 days of the academic year will be spent as Bridge learning via activities (no text book teaching).