Science Fair

On the occasion of National Science Day, a science fair was organized at GHPS in Feb’22.  Students from class 3 to 7 enthusiastically participated in this science fair event. Preparations for the exhibits to be shown started two-three weeks in advance. TCF teachers started the prep-work, identified what would be shown, coached the students who would speak about the exhibits and initiated creation of the models to be shown. Several of the models were hand built by the students with guidance from the teachers. TCF also tied up with another NGO – Akshara Foundation, to bring in exhibits that were a bit more complicated to create. The representatives from this NGO trained the students on various science concepts as well and co-participated in this event.

To encourage the hard work put in by the students, students from a neighborhood school (Jubilee Hills School) were invited to view the exhibits and interact with GHPS students. About 50 students from class 8-9 of this school graced the occasion and actively interacted with the GHPS students. All- in-all it was a well coordinated event conducted with the support of Govt school staff, TCF teachers, Akshara Foundation and Jubilee Hills School.