Online Classes

Benjamin Disraeli once said “There is no education like adversity” .

We at TCF have taken that to heart, both literally and figuratively. The adversity caused by the Covid pandemic has put student education globally at risk. And our children at GHPS were no different. However with the generous support of our patrons, the creativity and hard work of our teachers and volunteers, we have made major strides in providing alternatives and pivoting to an online mode.

We have provided laptops, tablets, smartphones etc to the needy children, in additional to usual complement of stationery, and equipped our teachers with the necessary teaching aids, training and connectivity to execute online classes and tuition for our kids in classes 6+. This included supporting kids who needed additional support to clear their SSLC exams and prepare for college. Some of the key highlights include:

1. Online Kannada,math and English classes for class seven students of GHPS Gubbalala
2. Tuition classes for class nine and class ten students
3. Online English, Maths classes for class nine students by our volunteers
4. Securing support from Columbia college teachers to commence online PUC2 classes
5. Tuition for PUC2 students attend online in various subjects like accounting

Our other usual summer activities like providing counselling, guidance, financial assistance and tuition support for our alumni in various grades has continued without missing a beat. We were especially heartened to note that one of our Alumni Pawan is volunteering his time to conduct online math classes for class ten students.

Of course, what makes this all worthwhile is the enthusiasm for learning and adaptability to adversity our kids and alumni have displayed. Our sincere thanks to them.

Special thanks again to all who have made this happen. If you wish to support our endeavors, please reach out to us.

  • See below videos recorded during an actual online session